Village of Withee Municipal Building Hours

In trying to limit the exposure to our staff, the Municipal Building is CLOSED to anyone other than Village of Withee employees and Board. However, we are OPEN so call 715.229.4319 with any questions.

Water Payments
Water payments can be placed in the “Village Clerk” drop box on the East Side of the building, mailed by US Mail, or paid online at Please pay by check, if possible. If paying by cash, your account will be credited for the amount received. **NO CASH will be returned to reduce the possibility of exposure.

Dog Licenses
Please drop the rabies certificate and filled in dog license form with payment into the “Village Clerk” drop box. Your tags will then be mailed to you.

If wanting to vote by Mail Absentee or In-Person Absentee
(when mail is no longer a timely option), call to discuss and/or make appointment. Forms can be found at At this time, the polls will still be open for the November 3, 2020 election.

Please make sure to call if you have any questions 715.229.4319.
Thank you so much for your understanding during this time!