Outdoor Siren Test

Outdoor Siren Test from 5-6 pm on August 7th. The county runs the test on the first Wednesday of the month during the summer, unless there is inclement weather.

Newly Enacted Ordinances

Please take notice that the Village of Withee, County of Clark, enacted:

Ordinance No. 1-07-19: All-Terrain and Utility Terrain Vehicle Routes Designated.  This ordinance was enacted to allow all roadways within the Village of Withee that have been properly posted and which are maintained by the Village personnel to be designated as an all-terrain and utility terrain vehicle route.   

Ordinance No. 2-07-19: Creating Sections 10-4-2(d) and (e) Relating to All-Terrain and Utility Terrain Vehicles. This ordinance was enacted to require every person within a utility terrain vehicle to wear a safety belt which was installed by the manufacturer.  Also, open intoxicants are banned by any person in an all-terrain vehicle or utility terrain vehicle.

Ordinance No. 3-07-19: Purchase or Possession of Tobacco and Vaping Products by Minors.  This ordinance was enacted to prohibit the sale, furnishing or giving away of tobacco and vapor devices and products to minors and prohibits the possession, purchase and use of such devices and products by minors.

Ordinance No. 4-07-19: Regulation of Smoking and Vaping on Village Property.  This ordinance was enacted to prohibit smoking and vaping by any person within or upon all buildings and enclosed equipment owned, leased, or rented by the Village of Withee.          

These ordinances were approved on July 8, 2019 and will be in effect upon publication of this notice.  The full text of these ordinances may be obtained at the Village of Withee clerk’s office at 511 Division Street.  Clerk’s phone: 715-229-4319. The full ordinances may also be found under the Government section, Ordinance tab, on the village website.


The Clark County Forestry and Parks Committee is accepting applications to serve on the Clark County Forest 15-year Comprehensive Land Use Plan Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee will provide input to the Forestry and Parks Department to update the 15-year Clark County Forest Comprehensive Land Use Plan expiring December 31, 2020. The Forestry and Parks Committee is looking for county residents with background in the following areas: Sportsman/hunting, timber industry, silent sports/equestrian, motorized recreation, citizen at large/tourism and environmental/conservation. Advisory Committee members should anticipate one Monday evening meeting per month at the county courthouse beginning September 2019 and ending August 2020. 

Applications to be an Advisory Committee member can be found on line at: www.co.clark.wi.us. Application deadline is 1:00 pm, Monday, August 5, 2019. 
For more information, contact Rick Dailey, Forestry and Parks Administrator at [email protected] or 715-743-5142. 



Clark County Real Estate Taxes are Now Due
Mary J Domanico, Clark County Treasurer, would like to remind all Clark County property owners the second installment (postponed amount) of the 2018 Real Estate Taxes are due to the Clark County Treasurer by July 31, 2019. (Tax payments must be postmarked by July 31 and received in our office by August 7, or they will be considered delinquent). Payments received in August are subject to late fees of 1.5% interest and penalty retroactive from February 2019 (10.5%). Questions or concerns, please contact the treasurer’s office at 715-743-5155.

Water Main Flushing

The Village of Withee will be flushing water mains the week of April 22 through April 26.  Withee customers may experience cloudy and discolored water at this time.  This is due from mineral sediments breaking free.  Be sure to check water in a clear glass before doing laundry, as it might stain laundry.  The flushing will be done mainly from 10 am to 2:30 pm each day of the week.  If you have any questions, please contact Village Hall at 715-229-4319.

Spring Election

Spring Election will be held on April 2, 2019.  Polls will be open between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. at the Withee Village Hall.

Garbage Pickup

Garbage Pickup for Withee residents will be Saturday, Feb 2, 2019. Advanced Disposal offices were closed yesterday, so couldn’t get an answer until this morning